Eventually, for the Sunday, I need to wake up as early as 7am. So at that time, it was 4am. I guess if I fell asleep, its is sure that I’ll wake up at 12pm. Why? because I’ve already been through a hard time on Saturday with the buns and dinner.

So, I just planned to join the qiamullail at the mosque. Actually, I just went to the mosque and sit against the wall and shut my eye. That’s mean I was trying to sleep but in a concsious mode. If I was at my room, once I lie on the bed, I will be in unconscious mode for hours.

After they have finish performing prayers, I also joined them at the AMF hall to listen the tazkirah (reminders) by Ustaz Abdul Majid. Eventhough I like his style, I just bear in mind that I’ll sleep in the hall. After the tazkirah ended, I went to the mosque to perform Fajr prayer and after that, its just nice to take a bath and prepare for the big event.

Adlan Khalidi

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