My Lego Toy Sets: Revisited after 12 years

Salam. I was busy doing some spring cleaning for my room make over for the past two weeks. There are many items including books, mangas, toys, souvenirs and many more need to be thrown away or keep it somewhere. This is where I get the chance to see my Lego toys, one of my favourite toys in the early days.

Just a quick photo shoot of my Lego collection.

Castle Set

Good versus bad – I have the wizard and the witch set. Actually I want the dragon figure when I choose this one.

Pirates Set

There was suppose to be a skeleton in this set but too bad its gone.

Space Set

Among the earliest set that I bought on my own is the hovertron, cost less than RM20 at that time.

Town Set

The largest set I’ve collected and its quite costly as well.

Brickset – LEGO set guide Website

When I try to figure out which Lego set that I have, I found this website which is a huge database of Lego set called Brickset. I need to browse one by one and finally I manage to collect all my lego set as shown earlier.

The cool thing about this website is that once you’ve created your account, you can choose which set do you have and which set do you want. View my Brickset.

Legoland in Malaysia

Do you know that the fifth Legoland themepark in the world will be in Iskandar, Johor? The park will be completed in 2012, featuring over 40 types of rides and attraction. [Source]

The design and development process of Legoland Malaysia was documented in episode 23 of Majalah 3 few weeks ago. You can watch the full version on (skip to minute 19:00). This is the picture of Sultan Ibrahim building in Johore.

Here is portion of the documentary that was captured using mobile phone.

Bricks Mal – Lego Lovers Community in Malaysia

Lastly, this is the web portal and forum dedicated to all Lego community in Malaysia and latest news and updates about Lego world. Visit Bricks Mal website!

Why I like Lego?

The thing I enjoy playing with Lego is that it encourage creativity and develop imagination. I guess that’s why now I’m part of the creative industry. Till then, I think I’ll keep my Lego set safely and pass it over to my children one day.

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Karnival Inovasi Islam at Masjid Sultan Mizan this weekend

Salam. Jabatan Kemajuan Islam Malaysia (JAKIM) will be organizing Karnival Inovasi Islam Peringkat Kebangsaan at Kiblat Walk, Masjid Sultan Mizan Zainal Abidin in Presint 3, Putrajaya.

I’m planning to come and see all the exhibitions. Its a four days event starting tomorrow, 5th to 8th August 2010.


Well, there are lots of activites during this carnival and exhibition. Please note that the exhibition will be open through out the whole carnival from 10am to 10pm.

Exhibition from goverment sectors will be held at Kiblat Walk while the private sectors will be held at Sahn Masjid Tuanku Mizan.

Why you should come?

This is the nearest event near Kuala Lumpur. Previously, the same carnival has been conducted in Perlis, Terengganu. So, this is an opportunity not to be missed.

Program Schedule

5 August 2010 – Thursday

9.00 am Seminar 1Malaysia 1Ummah
10.00 am Bengkel Inovasi Islam KPM 1
2.30 pm Animasi Kartunis dari MOI & APO
3.00 pm Bengkel Inovasi Sains Islam KPT 1
5.00 pm Pameran & Demo Orang Asli Muslim
Demonstrasi Masakan Selera 1Malaysia
9.00 pm Majlis Perasmian Karnival
Anugerah Inovasi Islam
Forum Perdana Hal Ehwal Islam – “Inovasi Menjulang Tamadun Baru

6 August 2010 – Friday

6.30am Bicara Mufti – “Penguasaan Sains & Teknologi Peranan Umat Islam
10.00 am Bengkel Inovasi Tahsin – Qiraat
10.30 am Pelancaran Ihya’ Ramadhan Peringkat Kebangsaan
10.00 am Demontrasi Produk Inovasi
1.00 pm Solat Jumaat – Khutbah: AL-Quran Pencetus Inovasi
3.00 pm Persada Jurnal
Bengkel Inovasi KPT 2
Demontrasi – Animasi Upin & Ipin
9.00 pm Pelancaran : Ahlan Ya Ramadhan
Persembahan Nasyid & Dikir Barat

7 August 2010 – Saturday

6.30am Bicara Mufti: Memanfaatkan Bioteknologi
9.00 am Seminar Inovasi Masjid Mandiri
10.00 am Bengkel Inovasi Islam KPM 2
11.00 am Kuiz Inovasi & Pelancaran Produk Inovasi Industri
2.30 am Demonstrasi Produk: Zull Design Autotronic, IPTA, Pertanian & Industri
3.00 pm Bengkel Inovasi Cepat Baca Al-Quran – Kagat
Seminar Sains Solat
9.00 pm Persembahan Adik-Adikku
Persembahan Nasyid – Far East & Nowseeheart

8 August 2010 – Sunday

6.30 am Bicara Mufti: Tingkatkan Ekonomi Dengan Pertanian
9.00 am Bengkel Kreativiti Seni Khat & Kaligrafi Cina
10.00 am Diskusi Inovasi Bersama Angkasawan
Bengkel Inovasi KPM 3
10.30am Pertandingan Mewarna Inovatif
12 pm Permainan Rakyat
2.30 pm Cerita Dalam Lagu
3.30 pm Pertunjukan Seni Mempertahankan Diri
5.00 pm Majlis Penutup

For more information, please visit their website – Karnival Inovasi Islam Peringkat Kebangsaan

Till then, see you there! Wassalam.

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15 useful IKEA products in my house

Salam. IKEA is a company from Sweden and their core business is in furniture and household product design.

When I was studying industrial design, I enjoy going to IKEA in Mutiara Damansara to get some ideas and inspirations. This is one of the place where you can get creative and unique product design for your home.

In this entry, I’ll showcase 15 useful IKEA products and some story behind it.

1. FEJS clock

This is one of the oldest clock that we bought at the first IKEA store in Bandar Utama. It is placed in the dining area and it still ticks!

2. VALLO Watering can

Now we use it to place the TV antenna. Sometime when we rearrange the antenna, we will get a zap of electricity, so the plastic material is very useful to prevent the shock.

3. BOHOLMEN Dish drain

Easy way to hold your dish upright to drain the water after you have washed your plates.

4. Blue tray

We already have lots of tray and this one is just an addition during open house or any small family functions.

5. Plastic stool

This is the original design. The latest one is a stool with a compartment inside it.

6. Standing Lamp

It has two pendant lamp inside and nicely placed in a corner of a living room.

7. BRADA laptop support

I bought it for my sister since she also have laptop. Its quite comfortable since the heat from the laptop won’t be transfered to you lap.

8. Orange Shoe Cabinet

It is not only for shoes, because I still remember a lecturer used it outside his room for students to submit their assignments.

9. LERAN pendant lamp

Free standing reading lamp.

10. Window Blinds

I bought it for my hostel room but when I no longer stayed in hostel, I take it back home and placed it at the dining area.

11. SKUBB vertical storage compartment

I put it near the entrance as an indoor shoe and slipper rack.

12. Multi use hanger

Very useful for my mum’s scarfs and tudung.

13. RAST – chest of 3 doors

Waiting to be disposed. Currently left outside the house. Still strong & sturdy.

14. Easy apple cutter

It simply separate the seeds and slice the apple into 8 parts.

15. Plastic Trolley Storage

Portable storage for bedroom.

IKEA Hacker’s blog

This blog teaches how to use IKEA products creatively to suit our home and need. Visit IKEA Hacker.

The conclusion is, most of the IKEA products that we have is just accessories. IKEA furnitures are affordable and suit for all walks of life. Purchasing stuff at IKEA is very tempting. Spend wisely!

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2nd AAD Degree Show 2009

The most anticipated event of AAD students has finally arrived. Its the Degree Show or degree project final exhibition. It was held from 11-16 May 2009 in our beloved KAED Gallery. I guess this entry will be another entry with lots of pictures. Let’s check it out.

Final Presentation

Oops. I’ve forgot to mention about the final presentation of our project. Everyone is busy working in studio and workshop. Credits to Khul Zaman for this picture. During the final presentation, it is the day where I’ve assembled my bed. Lucky because it really can stand despite using light metals. A good designer should have tested the product first. But I just have to show my confidence that my product really works.

Black and White Photo Shooting for Wall of Fame

It is my first time entering the Photography Studio in KAED for the past four years here. These pictures were mounted inside the exhibition area with our personal tagline. My picture is located on the top-right of the entire collage. Maybe some of you still remember my classic tagline, “Design life to the max”. These photos created a great wall of fame during the show.

Launching Ceremony

The launching ceremony was held on 14th May 2009 in KAED Gallery. It is officiated by our respective dean, Prof. Mansor Ibrahim. Some of my friends invited their family during the ceremony. If only I’ve checked my email before, I’d like to invite my parents too. After that, we had some refreshments and photoshooting as always. Enjoy these pictures.
Personally, I was grateful and relieved because I have made it to this point. It is a long journey for the past four years in KAED. I remembered one quote by Ursula K. LeGuin, “It is good to have an end to journey toward; but it is the journey that matters, in the end”. So, getting good grades is not the issue right here but how we achieve them. Am I having fun along the process or pushing myself too hard for it. I’d like to thanks to all my friend who had supported me during this event, as well as my juniors. You guys really rocks! I’ll always love and miss you all!
Credits again to Khul Zaman, Hilmi Caster, Uzair Asri, Ain Zakaria for all the pictures taken from Facebook. Without these pictures, its hard to describe the excitement that I have experience during the show.

The next entry will be about my experience in ITEX 2009. Don’t forget to subscribe to my feed or simply follow my Twitter for real-time updates. Wassalam.

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Pameran Graduan Degree Show UPM 2009

Salam. OK, before I’m share about our degree show, I’ve been to the degree show in UPM. If you have read in Utusan Malaysia newspaper on 14th May 2009, you might have an idea of what am I talking about. Here come the our local ‘Terminator’ robot design!

I guess there are more than 50 industrial design students graduating from UPM this year. Each students have two project. Maybe product design is a must and another one, they can choose between furniture or automotive design.

Its cool because their design was featured in Utusan Malaysia. You can check these two great articles by Nazrul Azim Sharuddin, “Bakat baru bidang reka bentuk” and “Mesin Basuh Mudah Alih Trav-Wash

Here are among the pictures taken during my visit to UPM.


OK, just three pictures only. I cannot share other pictures because all of them are potential products waiting to be patented. Till then, thanks for the invite and all the best to UPM designers!

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