10 Days

at last my picture was taken..

I don’t know how to say it here but at this time, I’m off from any assignments and stuff that really give me headache. Its been more than 10 days since my last post. What am I busy with?

I was the Program Coordinator (PC) for the AKHI Project’s Motivational Camp from 3rd to 5th February 2006. My job is to ensure all the program run according to my master plan. I did not have a very good sleep for that weekend. What else? Even I fast asleep during the ‘post mortem’ meeting on the last day. Here’s a brief about the program. It’s a motivational camp for school kids ranging from standard 4 to 6 and they are from SK Setapak Indah and SK Bandar Baru Sentul.

After the camp, I rushed to Keramat Permai to go for my second jamming and that day, I’ve gotta know with Syafiq, he’s a good drummer but previously he plays for UTMKL Nasyid band and together with me, Fikri and Azim, we played punk rock songs.

Due to the tiredness because I don’t have a good sleep last weekend, I missed my UNGS class on Monday and also the midterm test. Luckily my lecturer offered us with second midterm for those who wanted to repeat on Friday. But on Friday, I have my important studio project submission. Why they fall on the same day? This mean I have to sleep early and make sure I finished all my work on time.

Not just that. I also was asked by Roy, my trainer in AKHI project to create a multimedia presentation for the Bronze Workshop 2 on Thursday night. I did a good one, but it still not good for my standard but at least they’re having fun watching it.

Okay, I’ll stop for now. That’s my activities for past 10 days. Glad I’m back to life!

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