10 reason why I love Tumblr!

Tumblr lets you effortlessly share anything. Post text, photos, quotes, links, music, and videos, from your browser, phone, desktop, email, or wherever you happen to be. You can customize everything, from colors, to your theme’s HTML.

Salam. I can see that Tumblr is one of the best option for blogging platform. I also have created Tumblr to experience the differences, compared to Blogger and WordPress. There are more reasons why everyone loves Tumblr and this is my favourite ten!

1. Shorter URL
User can get subdomain of tumblr.com and its shorter than free Blogger and WordPress. E.g. myadlan.tumblr.com. Blogspot has eight letters and WordPress has nine.

2. Back to basic
This is where the best thing where it let us back to the basic of sharing information without having to focus on other things. Content is your main concern here.

3. Title is just optional
Sometimes, it’s hard to get a catchy title for your post. Some bloggers even write ‘Tak tahu nak letak tajuk apa’ for the title.

4. Get your friend’s theme
If you like your friends theme, you can easily click ‘Install Theme’ from the upper right corner menu.

5. Credit to original author
Many bloggers (Blogspot/Wordpress) plagiarize or copy n paste post from other blog. With Tumblr, you don’t have to waste your time copying the entire content. Just click reblog and you automatically give credits to the original author.

6. Less formatting properties
Most blog also have standard formatting but Tumblr limit the positioning option. So, it will looks good no matter how big the picture or video is because everything is stardardize.

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7. Ads free
Some Tumblr theme don’t have sidebar and I think it’s good because blogger can concentrate on the content, not the ads.

8. Ask question
Recently, Tumblr has Ask Question option just like Formspring. Every answered question will create a new post automatically.

9. User friendly
From the dashboard, the interface has been designed to help user upload content easily by choosing what type of content they are going to publish.

10. Content is King
Content is the king and this is what Tumblr is meant for. Even for premium Tumblr theme, it always focus on the content. Besides, its easy to integrate with Twitter, Digg etc.

I guess that’s it for now. After all these while, I missed the excitement of blogging since I want to create different identity for each blog. I’d like to inform that my new blog on Tumblr is called ‘Kreativiti Tanpa Batasan‘ and its where I write in Malay and shares random pictures, links and some progress of freelance job. Feel free to follow me, OK?

P/S – credits to Azizi Khalid for introducing me with Tumblr

29 thoughts on “10 reason why I love Tumblr!”

    1. But sometimes Tumblr users simply reblog others stuff and its hard to understand the personality of the bloggers. I’m referring to pictures posted Tumblrs.

    1. But sometimes Tumblr users simply reblog others stuff and its hard to understand the personality of the bloggers. I’m referring to pictures posted Tumblrs.

  1. “Tak tahu nak letak tajuk apa”- funny i happened to do just that. but once je.. but still.. haha
    hey u make me wanna sign up for tumblr lah.. how must we experience all the blogging hosts, how many blogs would we have then.. tapi nak nak experience as many as possible.

    oh, try weebly if u have free time. if tumblr's simple n elegance, weebly sgtlah kontra.

  2. just heard about weebly. not really as popular as tumblr. just read the review about it too. kalau dah suka dengan satu ni, malas nak try lain 😀 anyway please let me know your tumblr blog okay?

  3. ala… knpe kne yang popular je adlan? hmmm

    oh btw kan, yesterday i saw an ece notebook yang mcm adlan punye. guess the colour? ur fave dark purple!

  4. Popular maksudnya orang ramai suka. Orang ramai suka maksudnya benda tu bagus! hehe.

    Actually kalau la time beli netbook tu ada kaler purple, probably da angkat terus da. tapi takde pilihan la. Sekarang rasa nak jual plak 😀

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