10 Websites Where Your Location Does Matter

Salam. When you are moving to a new place or a new country, don’t leave behind your location information. This is a list of ten websites and web apps where location does matter.

Social Network Sites

1. Facebook

Besides letting your friends know where you are, the Facebook ads is location targeted. So its good for advertiser to promote their stuff to the right user.

2. Twitter

Sometimes when people viewing your Twitter profile, they will see the location. Don’t leave your potential follower in the dark when seeing the coordinates on your Twitter profile. (You can copy paste the coordinate in Google Maps to locate them anyway)

3. Foursquare

Check in right away from your phone. It is more fun because you can be the first among your friends that checked in to new places and get more point faster.

4. LinkedIn

If you are working in a new place, don’t forget to update your location as well.

Google Sites

5. Google search – makes it easier for you to search local content. Google has auto-detect based on your IP but you still can fine tune it anyway.

6. Google Maps – set your default location so that its easier for you to find your way in the new place everytime your open Google Maps.

E-commerce Sites

7. Paypal
Only one personal account per country. I have one personal account in Malaysia and the other one in Australia. Update mailing address is necessary as well.

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8. Ebay
Login to the country specific ebay website. Update your preferences so that Ebay will list your item according to your location. Not all item provide international delivery. It is necessary to update your mailing address so that the item will be delivered right to your door step.

Blog or Website

9. Your blog or website

Let your readers and visitors to know your location in your about section.

10. Google Webmaster Tools
Set the geotargetting of your blog or website so that Google can index your website locally.

The internet is getting smart with geolocation or geotagging stuff. They can detect your IP address and your location. But sometimes, there are things that you can do it manually.

2 thoughts on “10 Websites Where Your Location Does Matter”

  1. wow… thanks sebab menulis untuk peringatan sebegini. memang patut beringat soal keselamatan. meskipun macam tu.. GPS Coordinate yang terpampang kat twitter aku tu dah pon aku pesongkan dari kedudukan asal. Itu cume coordinate dummy yang membolehkan aku pakai foursquare. hehehe. 😀 cheers~

    btw. nice article!

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