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Salam. I just want to say thanks to everyone who Likes my Facebook Page. By the time I write this post, its already 123. I know 123 is small compared to other blogs with thousands of fans.

Initially, I want to write this entry when I hit the 100 fans but I want to see first how many people excluding my friends will like this. So 123 – 14 = 109 people like this.

However, according to the screenshot, Sofiyussalam suppose to be under Friends Like This section. Must be some technical error left unnoticed by Zuckerberg.

Well, this is the number that I get despite I haven’t promote it to my friends yet. Thank you for the ‘Like’ guys.

Why you should like?

This is among the reason why you should like my Facebook page.

You can get updates from three blogs at once on Facebook.
– AdlanKhalidi.com
– Kreativiti.net (Tumblr)
– Warna Kehidupan (Blogspot)

By using RSS Graffiti, I have linked my Facebook page to retrieve latest feed from these blogs.

The best thing is that, you don’t have to create multiple account for Tumblr, Twitter or Blogspot to get update. All you need is just a Facebook account and everything will be posted on your wall. Cool eh?

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