15 useful IKEA products in my house

Salam. IKEA is a company from Sweden and their core business is in furniture and household product design.

When I was studying industrial design, I enjoy going to IKEA in Mutiara Damansara to get some ideas and inspirations. This is one of the place where you can get creative and unique product design for your home.

In this entry, I’ll showcase 15 useful IKEA products and some story behind it.

1. FEJS clock

This is one of the oldest clock that we bought at the first IKEA store in Bandar Utama. It is placed in the dining area and it still ticks!

2. VALLO Watering can

Now we use it to place the TV antenna. Sometime when we rearrange the antenna, we will get a zap of electricity, so the plastic material is very useful to prevent the shock.

3. BOHOLMEN Dish drain

Easy way to hold your dish upright to drain the water after you have washed your plates.

4. Blue tray

We already have lots of tray and this one is just an addition during open house or any small family functions.

5. Plastic stool

This is the original design. The latest one is a stool with a compartment inside it.

6. Standing Lamp

It has two pendant lamp inside and nicely placed in a corner of a living room.

7. BRADA laptop support

I bought it for my sister since she also have laptop. Its quite comfortable since the heat from the laptop won’t be transfered to you lap.

8. Orange Shoe Cabinet

It is not only for shoes, because I still remember a lecturer used it outside his room for students to submit their assignments.

9. LERAN pendant lamp

Free standing reading lamp.

10. Window Blinds

I bought it for my hostel room but when I no longer stayed in hostel, I take it back home and placed it at the dining area.

11. SKUBB vertical storage compartment

I put it near the entrance as an indoor shoe and slipper rack.

12. Multi use hanger

Very useful for my mum’s scarfs and tudung.

13. RAST – chest of 3 doors

Waiting to be disposed. Currently left outside the house. Still strong & sturdy.

14. Easy apple cutter

It simply separate the seeds and slice the apple into 8 parts.

15. Plastic Trolley Storage

Portable storage for bedroom.

IKEA Hacker’s blog

This blog teaches how to use IKEA products creatively to suit our home and need. Visit IKEA Hacker.

The conclusion is, most of the IKEA products that we have is just accessories. IKEA furnitures are affordable and suit for all walks of life. Purchasing stuff at IKEA is very tempting. Spend wisely!

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  1. Do you know the name of the red storage cart (#15 plastic trolley storage)? Does IKEA make these anymore? I have a few in my classroom that I picked up years ago at a tag sale, and have been trying to find replacements for them as they are looking worn. Any help would be appreciated!!


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