1Malaysia as architectural design concept

Salam. Since the launch of 1Malaysia in June 2009, it has become such a phenomenon in Malaysia.

The government together with local companies and GLCs had promoted the concept especially during the month of independence with their own version of 1Malaysia logo. In this entry, I just want to share two example of 1Malaysia as an architectural concept.

Guard house

This photo was submitted to Thumbnails at The Star newspaper on 13th January 2010. I’m not sure where the exact place of this guard house. This is a direct design imitation yet it is a creative approach.

Pangkor Island jetty

Recently when I went to Pangkor Island in Perak, I’ve noticed this new landmark at the jetty. I’m not sure what kind of structure it is, maybe it is a biggest signage in Pangkor. It has the word ‘Pangkor’ on the side of the structure, so that visitors and tourist can see it from distance while on the ferry. The structure was there even before the launching of 1Malaysia. With the aid of Photoshop, here’s what it may looks like after the jump.

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