1Malaysia USB Pendrive Souvenir

Salam. I’ve received this unique thumbdrive with the shape of 1Malaysia logo design on it.

It has 2GB disk space. The body or skin is made of rubber. Since the main colour is white, I’m afraid it will get dirty after using it for awhile.

As far as I concern, this is the second type of 1Malaysia thumbdrive available in the market. This is another design, with a different design of the USB cap. This is featured in Lowyat.net forum thread.

If you want to purchase the latter one, you can read further instruction from the forum website. It cost from RM35 for 2GB.

4 thoughts on “1Malaysia USB Pendrive Souvenir”

  1. I like the Mio digiwalker 310x. It’s one of the most affordable, and easily modified. Not only do they work as a navigation system, but once hacked, you can install compatible software (downloaded free) and play videos, display photos, play games, etc.

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