2 Weeks Break

2 weeks is very short! What have I done for this very short holiday? Usually, for the past 3 holidays, I’ve been working as Ta’aruf week committee and this time, I didn’t.

Lulu and I during Ta’aruf

Lots of people ask me why I’m not into Ta’aruf this time. Actually, I wanna take a rest this time. My parents have been complaining that I’m not spending quality time with them during holidays. Family first right? Second, I wish to see the new successor in the multimedia committee. So that, in the next time, I won’t have to become in multimedia again. I love doing it but I wish to improve myself with other human skills such as in Program Coordinator, Da’wah & Ibadah or Preparation & Technical bureau. Third, my machine is not in very good shape if I’m joining multimedia that time. Its just another lame excuse eh?

So, briefly, in this 2 weeks, I’ve done pretty lots of thing I guess.

  1. Become the driver for my sisters, back and forth to PutraLRT and tuition class
  2. New blog layout design
  3. New myspace layout design
  4. Closed BCB account (now CIMB)
  5. Watch drama series in ASTRO and VCD
  6. Bought a new multimedia keyboard at Low Yat – is it necessary?
  7. Accompany my dad to Pangkor Island
  8. Visit Taaruf Week operation room at UIA
  9. Visit CBN Carnival day

About the blog layout design, I’ve inspired it from modern web 2.0 style. Very simple and minimal. I named it Minimal v1.0. It took me few days to design from scratch. Its a bit tricky when applying the style because of the blogger script need to be combine with CSS and HTML. Besides, I need to be online always to check the design adaptability. Without internet connection, its quite difficult for the first time working in new Blogger Google style.

ASTRO offers lots of drama series and my favourite channel is AXN, StarWorld and Astro Prima. Among the series that I watched are CSI New York & Vegas, House, Prison Break, Heroes, Wah Cantiknya 1 & 2, Hikmah 3 etc. For VCD I’ve watched Gokusen 1 & 2, Hana Yori Dango 2 and Daughter in Law. There should be more on the list but these are my favourite series.

Finally, I will start my 8 weeks short semester this Monday 23rd. I’m glad and grateful for my last semester result since I’ve got another dean’s list for the third time. I hope this short sem with 1 subject, I can upgrade my pointer eventhough its a bit tricky.

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  1. Hey you…ade blog jugak yeh…i never knew…heh…neway u r welcome 2 visit my blog as well since i’ve visited yours…hehe…not as great as yours but it has some amazing facts about me though…heh..kidding, atleast i have my blog to brag in…haha…cya…my blog add: faridcheeky@blogspot.com

    maybe sometime u could teach me how to improve my blog…heh

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