2011 Reflection and Happy New Year 2012


It’s already the fourth of January. Time sure flies really fast for the past one year.

2011 is the first year of my married life; as a husband, a bread winner and a traveller in a foreign country.

It is one of the most challenging year in my life, struggling to make ends meet, especially living in Australia.

Throughout the way, I really thank Allah for all His blessings, bounties and mercies. Living in the land down under, it really teaches me the meaning of life besides giving me valuable experience.

I may not be able to get design projects like I used to back in Malaysia. But the thing is, I had explored the road that I might not have taken if I were in Malaysia.

This is what I call the road not taken, the road less travelled.

2011 is the year where I build my foundation, where I plant the seed and InsyaAllah, 2012 will be the year where I’m going to make the best of myself.

New year resolution?

It is always the same thing, every year. Let me say I don’t have any resolution this year, but I sure have my own goals. It is more like a long term goal which may not be attainable within this 366 days.

I’ll just keep them to myself.

Anyway, I’m wishing all of you guys, my readers and visitors a Happy New Year. May you achieve your dreams and may success be with you always.

Photo credits to Sydney New Years Eve website.

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