30+ Creative Custom Made Raya Greeting Card

Salam. This year, there has been slight decrease of Eid cards that I’ve received. The trend right now is greetings through Facebook photo tagging.

One week before Shawwal begins, many people started to upload their Eid greeting card and tag their friends on it. I’ve bookmark these pictures and seek their permission to share it with my readers.

These cards has been selected due to its novelty, uniqueness and creativity. Some of the cool stuff about these cards are their photography, composition, illustration, graphic design and the main thing is honesty!

* Please wait while loading the pictures and click on the image to see large version

1. Zara Aljofry

2. Nur Zalikha

3. Super Ayu

4. Tya Ashburn – Freelance Model

5. Lord Takkun

6. Syahiran Sukardi – Freelance Photographer

7. Syafiq As-Sakinnah

8. Shahidah

9. Redzlin Hashim

10. One Communications

11. Nazirul Aiman – Freelance Photographer

12. Molhaza TheArtSoul – Freelance Photographer

13. Mohd Zaimi

14. Jukee Jaing

15. Khairul Izhar Mukhtar – Freelance Photographer

16. Iqbal Rifasha

17. Diamond Sapphire (Intan Suhana) – Freelance Model

18. Hazwan Anuar

19. Hasif Bastiar – Freelance Photographer

20. Nurhasanah

21. Hafiz Abdul Malek

22. Exabytes – Malaysia Web Hosting Company

23. Emirul Adzhar

24. Dya Ismail – Freelance Muslimah Model

25. Hanafi Dewa Kura Kura

26. DataKL – Malaysia Web Hosting Company

27. Diana Nabilah

28. Atiqah Nasir

29. Amie Mishi

30. Afiq Zambri – Tujuhpointdua Freelance Photographer

31. Dhanis Leite Astuti

32. Azrien Osaki

33. Nurulhayati @ Luvleey – Designer Syoksyok.com

34. Adlan Khalidi

8 thoughts on “30+ Creative Custom Made Raya Greeting Card”

    1. You’re welcome too. Actually yang saya nilaikan di sini ialah originality dan kreativiti. Tak kesah la pakai Word ke Photoshop skalipun.

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