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3belas is the MSID 13th Interior Design Students’ Saturday 2008. 3belas was organised by Malaysia Society of Interior Design and hosted by Applied Arts and Design Department in UIA. It was a two days event from 28th to 29th June 2008. More than 400 participants from 12 local universities and colleges students had participated in this event. I was appointed as the head of Event Management committee.

Since I have started my practical, I’ve appointed my assistant, Ilyas @ Kili to become the acting Head comm. Basically, our jobscope revolves around the program coordination, games and competitions. I’d like to thanks to all my committees for all their hard work and commitment throughout the event. I’ve got these message after the event from them. Really appreciate it.

  • Ilyas Azmi
  • Sheikh Farhat
  • Ainil Aniah
  • Shuhaida Shaari:..To you too.. Free2 kite kuark. take care and al de best..
  • Arlia: No problem. Great working w u man. Keepin touch okie!
  • Fahmi Farid
  • Faris Syafiq: No prob.. aku pon mntk maap ape2 hal..
  • Mawaddah: Okie,xngape! 😉 hope kte akn bek’jsma agi..jge dwi wekwok..n slamat bek’ja.. B-)
  • Balqis: Insyaallah.. trimas gak..maaf jgk la kalu ad xwat keje or slalu xdtg ye..waslm
  • Aziah
  • Amanina

Without you guys, 3belas event is nothing. I’m not able to take care of the event myself. This is why teamwork is very important as well as networking with other committees.

Here’s a bit of 3belas that I want to share with you guys. I went to UIA on Friday night for the final touch of the event. We had rehearsal of the opening ceremony few times. I didn’t sleep that night after decorate the auditorium because I need to finalise the flow of the explorace. It does look simple yet I always confused with the flow of eight groups and nine checkpoints.

Nothing wrong with the registration. Some of the commitee was late because they helped preparing the goodie bags for participants. Now the major problem occured during the opening ceremony. According to our schedule, all VVIPs should arrive by 9.30am. Since we have to wait for the Rector and also sponsors, the ceremony begins at 10.45am. This one hour delay had caused other session from forum, lunch, games, dinner and performance to begin a bit late.

After the forum, most of the participants went to Kepong Metropolitan Park for Explorace, Kite Flying competition and Zig Saw Painting Contest. I didn’t went to the park because I need to stay at UIA to help other committees with the preparation of dinner. At the mean time, I take this opportunity to take a nap and recharge my energy before the performance. Thank God because there’s no thunderstorm as predicted by the Meteorological Department. Otherwise, there will be no exciting outdoor activities.

There are only 7 groups of performance. Most of them have a sketch and dance on the stage. UIA doesn’t participate because all committees were too busy with the preparation. After the performance ended, we have a quick meeting to decide the winners of the most of the competition. My committees need to calculate the marks based on the judging sheet. We have more than 10 competitions and its really tough.

The second and final day.
The caterer for the breakfast was a bit late. I guess it doesn’t affect much on the next session which is the Trash to Treasure competition and also Zig Saw contest presentation. I’m glad that the closing ceremony runs smoothly. IIUM bags few awards such as short movie competition, heritage conservation and product design. You can check 3belas website for full listing of the winners.


I was unable to attend the post-mortem because I need to return back to Perodua Hostel at Bukit Sentosa. There’s no public busses after 9.30pm. Its a tiring weekend and I slept all the way from KL to Rawang.

Thanks to Bro. Fakhul for the pictures. Check out more photos at his Flickr.

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