5D4N Ground Package Sydney Tour for Muslim

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Two weeks ago, I’ve been a bit busy handling a holiday trip for my auntie and her colleagues and friends to Sydney. It was a whole week 7 days 6 nights vacation.

It was my first time handling a trip for 13 people for their first time in Sydney.

No doubt, there are already travel agencies in Malaysia who offer travel services to Sydney but it will sure cost a fortune. If you are interested to come to Sydney with your group, let me know. I’m quite interested to do it again next year.

Some info on the budget and how to get the cheapest price for each category:

Flight ticket

The price depends on the deals or offers from AirAsia. The cheapest deals are usually obtained during booking period of 3-6 months earlier than the travelling dates. Based on my observation, it will cost about RM1800 or AUD600 for Kuala Lumpur to Sydney return trip.


It is a standard $20 (RM66) for a holiday visa, with 3 months validity period.


It’s always cheaper on the weekdays. I’d suggest that you book a Saturday night flight and book a hotel for 4 nights, starting Monday to Thursday. They always charge double rates on the weekend, Friday and Saturday nights. But on the other hand, I know that it is hard to get cheap flight rates on weekends.

Most of the accommodation in Sydney have cheaper rates during off peak season between April and November. December is the peak season and some hotel rates double up during these months, from December to February.

I’d also recommend a stay of four people in a family room which usually cost from $200 per room per night. The best option is to come in a small group of 4+4+4 = 12 people.

Foods and drinks

One of the most practical and not to mention cheapest option for food is to cook your own meal. An average lunch or dinner meal (food and soft drink) in Sydney will cost you $15. Yet, I always find myself sharing a meal with my wife, because it’s like 2 servings of meal for the Malaysian tummy. I guess it’s either because Aussie people eat big portions of food or we don’t eat enough.

On the safe side, you can spare $20-$40 per day if you want to dine out. But as I mentioned earlier, it’s better to cook your own meal. Get some groceries from the nearest supermarket (which are easily available around Sydney) or cook instant food that you bring from Malaysia.

Places to visit in 4 days

In my previous entry, I have shared the must visit places in Sydney. Yes, you can cover to the popular spots within two days. For the remaining 2 days of your trip, you can go shopping, do more shopping or even enjoy the beach!

Halal restaurant and visit to mosque?

Not a problem. I can arrange and fit them into the schedule.

So, if you want to know the total cost* of a 5-day Sydney trip, it would roughly be:

  • Accommodation 4 nights (family) – RM1200
  • Transportation – RM300
  • Ticket to attractions – RM200
  • Airline – RM1800 (excluded)
  • Visa – RM66 (excluded)
  • Meals – RM600 (excluded)

*subject to availability & currency exchange

I can say the total estimation would be RM2000 for the ground package, which exclude the flight, visa and meals.

If you want me assist you with your trip to Sydney, let me know. Drop me an email using the contact form.

If you need a ground package service to Sydney, we can help you. Visit Muslim Ground Package Australia website now.

I’m planning to make a proper Facebook page and website soon for this business. But for now, I’ll do this on freelance basis.

Update: Yes: I’m doing that now!

46 thoughts on “5D4N Ground Package Sydney Tour for Muslim”

  1. Hi,

    I would like to request for ground arrangement of 4d3n sydney muslim package quotation inclusive of meal. There will be 14 adults and 1 infant in the group. Our flight details are as follow:

    Depart KUL 7/3/2013 11.30PM. Arrive SYD 8/3/2013 10.55AM
    Depart SYD 11/3/2013 11.45AM Arrive KUL 11/3/2013 5.40PM

    Thank you

    1. Hi. I’m really sorry but I’m not available on those dates.
      I hope that you will have an enjoyable visit to Sydney soon
      Sincerely, Adlan.

  2. Hi Adlan.
    Do u have the tour package for the non muslim?
    Im from Sarawak. This is my 3rd times to Sydney. But this time i will bring my family with me. There are 5 of us. Will b flying to Sydney, November the 20th this year.

    You let me know ya.

    1. Hi Maureen.
      I’m sorry because I’m already back in Malaysia which means I’m no longer available to assist you with this tour package.
      Thanks for your interest.

  3. Salam saya bersama keluarga seramai 5 orang akan ke Sydney pada
    1/5/2014 – 7/5/2014 , saya ingin mencari guide untuk melawat ladang buah-buahan di Bilipin Springs Orchard atau Pine Crest Orchard untuk 1 hari perjalanan sahaja .

    Sekian terima kasih

  4. Assalam. My trip to Sydney will be on 16/4 until 20/4/2014.
    It’s a family trip, 6 person in. Will be going to Featherdale Wildlife Park and Blue Mountain only for 2 days. Can u provide us with 2 days tour?

  5. As salam adlan..i emma..i baru belajar buat Travel ..private..i need quotation to Sydney 5 day 4 night..for 30 pax..(gov staff) on Mei pls reply ASAP.. Tel:+60122530567

  6. will be visiting sydney from 4/12/14 till 9/12/14 with 4 adults and 2 children. pls reply availability and quotation

  7. As-salam Adlan,

    Saya berminat nk tahu ground package / group backpackers for Sydney trip

    27/08/2014 – 30/08/2014
    6 orang (dewasa)


  8. Adlina Mohammed

    Salam…saya ingin pergi sydney utk 4 org…
    5 hari 4 mlm…
    Date antara 13 hingga 20 sept.2014..
    Adakah saudara available pd ms itu…
    Muslim tours..sy prefer accommodation yg boleh masak sendiri…
    Boleh beri qoutation….tq

  9. Salam sy akn ke sydney 10 Okt 2014 attend wedding my niece tmpat tinggal dah ada..bole x u quote utk 4 hari tour tempat menarik sydney utk 4 org..


  11. We will reach Sydney in Nov

    No of pax 3 adults, 1 teenager 14, 3 kids 11,7,3

    Looking for ground tours for 4 days.

    We also would like to know our options for apartments

    THank you

  12. Looking for ground tours for 5 days for 4 pax.
    Arriving Date: 11 October

    We also would like to know our options for apartments or budget hotels

    Thank you

  13. Saya akan berada di sydney pada akhir bulan november 2015. Satu keluarga 2 dewasa 4 kanak. Ada apa pakej termasuk selama 4 hari. Saya percuti dulu ke new zealand kemudian baru ke sydney sebelum pulang ke malaysia

  14. As salam, boleh email sy package 5 hari 4 mlm sydney tour? Sy dah book hotel dan flight, bulan march. Cuma parents sy nak ada tour guide jugak sebab xnak kelam kabut kat sana. Boleh send itinary skali? Sebelum ni dah isi form kat website tu, tp xde reply pon.

    1. Assalam. InsyaAllah wakil kami akan hubungi saudari dalam masa terdekat.
      Sekarang ni kami kena layan banyak request dari customer yang nak melancong sempena cuti sekolah.
      Harap bersabar ye. Terima kasih!

  15. As salam, sorry mengganggu. Sy masih belum terima feedback berkenaan Sydney tour 5 hari 4 mlm bulan March. Sy perlu sediakan budget beberapa bulan sebelum March. Jadi harap dapat membalas email sy secepat mungkin..

  16. Assalam. Nak tanya ada tak buat package utk 3H2M. Akk akan ke Melbourne on 29/5/15 utk 10 hari dan bercadang utk ke Sydney utk 3H2M sebelum pulang ke Msia. Ada 3 adults & 1 kanak2. Terima kasih.

  17. Roshidah binti Abu Bakar

    Assalamualaikum..nak tanya package ke Sydney 5H4M ke Sydney. 5 dewasa 1 kanak-kanak. Terima kasih

  18. Roshidah binti Abu Bakar

    Assalamualaikum..nak tanya package ke Sydney 5H4M ke Sydney 17 Nov bertolak drp kl sampai 18 Nov hingga 22 Nov 2015 . 5 dewasa 1 kanak-kanak. Terima kasih

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