AAD Taaruf Dinner 2008


AAD Taaruf program was organised by AAD second year students, with the support from Designext and the Department. Most of us, the fourth year students are going for practical training. So we were only invited for the Taaruf Dinner on 13th July. It was the second time AAD students utilise the Baiduri Courtyard space for dinner since 3belas dinner in June. The theme for that night is ‘Stripes’. I’m not really intro stripes because I only have 1 in my collection.

I’d like to welcome all KAED students especially my juniors in AAD department. Enjoy your stay here and my favourite quote to you guys, ‘Design Life to the Max’.

I still remember AAD Taaruf during my first year. Its just an evening with the 2nd year. After 4 years here, more activities were conducted such as explorace, career talk and dinner.

Credits to Khulism for the pictures. Haha, I missed to take the picture with all my studiomates here.

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