Activate Your Life

This is what happens when I wanted to become an active student. I’ve been accepting request from others pertaining working as a committee for some students’ programs in UIA besides accepting design projects. Why I like design the most?

Its just that.. when I’m looking at something, I wonder, who’s the designer of this logo or poster or bunting or any printed stuffs around UIA. Then, what comes next to my mind is that, if I was the designer, what should I do in order to improvise these stuff? I wish I could promote design wise to UIA citizens because design is an important aspect in our life!

OK, cut that crap! I’ve never been this busy where I’ve to attend few meetings in a week and when I reminiscing my previous semester, I’m not this active! Well, people changes and I’m glad when I have this chance to improve myself, my self esteem, communication skills, leadership as well as time management.

Anyway, I’m taking this opportunity to wish my fellow friends enjoy your short semester, to other IPT students – enjoy your break and get good grades, to my juniors – get prepared for matric or campus life after this!

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