Adobe CS3 Creative License

I’ve just heard about Adobe CS3 from Metro newspaper and I’ve check the details on the website. Maybe I was too busy with my campus life before to know about this. Well, I’ve been anticipating for the new features.
There are many new features but I’m gonna focus on what I think best.

3D Compositing and Texture Editing – Its good when you can actually create 3D look by only using PS rather than 3D software.
Quick Selection and Refine Edge Tools – easy to crop object than background
Smart Filters – I wonder what are the new filters?
Advanced compositing
Movie Paint – but how many frames it gonna takes?
2D and 3D measurement tools – as if putting ruler on the image
Streamlined interface and palette management – cooler interface
Better raw-image processing – I don’t have SLR to explore this
Enhanced Vanishing Point with 3D support – never use this before
Enhanced 32-bit high dynamic range (HDR) support

Live Color – no more need to study about colours and harmony
Integration with Adobe Flash – no more need to convert SWF etc.
Drawing tools and controls – I love using Pen tool! Now with better control
Improved operating performance
Control panel
Eraser tool – they have brush tool before
New Document Profiles
Crop Area tool – I used to apply mask or sometimes crop with PS
Isolation mode – don’t disturb other drawing
Symbols for Flash

Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator import – easy to import n export
Convert animation to ActionScript – totally new features for me
Adobe interface – no more Macromedia look ey?
ActionScript 3.0 development – I hate scripts
Advanced debugger – I hate debug error
Adobe Device Central – for hi-tech phones only. I use Nokia2100
Rich drawing capabilities – Its easier making curves from straight line before
User interface components
Advanced QuickTime export – convert to MOV
Sophisticated video tools – convert to FLV
Timesaving coding tools – code editor

All in all, newer is not always better. But I bet this is much more integrated with one another. Its good that we can upgrade from existing version. However, they are just timesaving tools. Even with older version you can have good design. Am I gonna purchase the original version or just get the pirated CDs or image? No more pirate CDs in Low Yat Plaza right?

Need to upgrade my hardware before unleashing with these products. Currently my machine is not in a very good shape.

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  1. woaw!! the latest version of adobe??? thats so cool.. thankx.. if i havnt read your blog i wouldnt have ever known i guess.. 😉

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