After the dinner

At the end of the function, I was a lil bit down. So do Fikri. First and foremost, my session to perform was cancelled due to the insufficient time. I practice for the song for days and in the end, it was cancelled. Eventhough I frustrated, I just seems to be happy because I don’t want to express my feeling to my friends. They were the committee and they have the right to cancel it. One more thing that I learnt is that, if I wanna perform, don’t do it with committee. They were just too busy with their job.

Second, I was down because the girl that I adore, eventhough she wore a beautiful yellow dress, she don’t even speak to me. I planned earlier to have our picture taken at this event, because its the last event that we’re going to get through together. After this, I’m afraid that we will be separated and I am no longer can be with her anymore. When the event ended, I saw that she was heading outside of the ballroom. I thought she just wanted to go to the washroom or take some pictures outside.

I just let her go. I was depressed and of course I felt jealous to see all the students having pictures with the one they like. One thing for sure is that, in my mind, the song ‘Because I’m A Girl-KISS’ is the perfect song to describe how I feel. Then, I took Ereenas’ pictures with her boyfriend. I also asked her to talk to the girl that I adore, so that she will agree to let me take a picture of hers.

Since, she was not around anymore, I really down and frustrated. Fikri was down as he told me that, he don’t take a lot of pictures with the committees as he used to. I dunno why does he feeling down. After that, I took my car and return to college with Farhat and Fikri. As we arrived at our college, the security guard asked us to put the car outside and that’s make me think. Since I don’t enjoy the dinner, I guess we could have some supper at any food stall in SS14.

Then, we return back to college and I park my car at the mosque compound and we enter the gate easily because there was a qiamulail. Its is one of the session for Sciences students in LeadTrain. So, the gate was opened and the security guard wasn’t there. Hehe… its quite funny when the leadtrain commitees looking at us while other students were heading to the mosque, and we were just from the mosque to college..

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  1. awh.. u didnt get to perform? thats so sad.. i didnt kno u were gonna perform. i’ll tell u somthing.. most of the jrs werent that satissfied with the dinner coz it was like dominated by the seniors.. kinda sux u know. skit2 srs naik perform. skit2 srs menang tuh, menang nih. wut happnd to the jrs lah? pupus eh? well.. better luck next time eh alan.

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