Annual Grand Dinner

The function started a lil bit late because the head of department, Mdm Normadiah was an hour late. There was a massive traffic jam from Nilai to Subang Jaya, she said. So, during the delay, Silika Gel perform some of their skills of playing guitars and drums.

I sat with Farhat, 7 seniors and one-boy-who-thought-he-is-the-best, and our table was situated at the far back-right of the ballroom. So, its not the best location because its hard for me to roam around the ballroom because I need to the all the video recording of the function.

I enjoyed doing the thing that I like, video recording and soon, I will edit all those video and make it a beautiful masterpiece.. oopss, I mean a memorable movie. It only take me 2 MiniDV cassette. So, the function is doing well with the lucky draws, award giving for best students, best lecturers and some performance from students.

Frankly speaking, my batch performance is very weak, the weaknesses is very clear and they’re supposed to practice the song well. The perform Apa Saja-KRU, Belaian Jiwa-Innuendo and Malam-Shades. While the 2nd year students were doing a great performance and I admitted that I enjoyed their show.

Its all going smooth but I’m not very satisfied because I don’t have much time to enjoy the food, I pay RM50 and I eat for RM10 only. That’s a lil bit irritating! Why I give full attention to record the event while other students just sit back and relax while enjoying their food and shows? Hmm.. however I a lil bit pity to the emcees because they are not having much time to eat.

The function ended at 1am and everyone went back to their respective colleges with buses.

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