Another sad ending…

I went to Faiz’s room to edit some video for my look alike sister, Kak Yati.

I used to share my problem with anyone that I meet wheter its the first or second meeting. When it comes to relationship, I can say a lot out of it. Its about the girl that I like, D. Up to this moment, I can see that she’s just my message girl and she will never by my girlfriends.

Why did I say this? It’s because I used to correspond with her mostly thru SMS and the rest with conversation. Even in classes, I never have the courage to talk with her. Eventually, I got something on my mind. Lately, she seems like to talk about my bestfriend. Not too much, she had mention about his name a few times in SMS..asked me to say hi to him..

Now I’m confused whether she likes him or she just wanna see whethere I’m jealous about it. Of course I am jealous if she talk about others. He’s my bestfriend and does she cheating on me? So, what am I suppose to do? After having a little discussion with Faiz’s friend, Mirol, I guess I should give up.

I mean I’m giving up trying for her. I have been following my friends advices, try to give her some time and I guess the time’s up. It’s have been four months and the result is not very satisfying. My mobile credit will expired on April and I guess it gonna be the day for me to tell her that “Our relationship is not working but I’m glad to know you better than before.Hope you can live your life better without me..”

Yeah, I’ll also compiled all her SMS and I guess I’ll give all of ’em back to her. I know that this day will come where all the efforts is just a waste. I’m losing in this game..

“Life’s gonna be very dull without love..”

“Only Allah can provide me with true love and blessing…”

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