Anugerah Filem Pendek 06

I went to Angkasapuri because I was invited as one of the participants in this award. For your information, I’ve submitted a documentary called ‘Kuda Kepang’. Unfortunately, I don’t win any of the prizes. You can watch the video in Youtube.

My Documentary – Kuda Kepang
If you still remember, it was my studio project to produce a documentary on local arts & crafts. However, it was in English and the duration is longer than 5 minutes. In order to submit for the award, I need to redo the documentary in Malay version and trim the whole video from 13 minutes to 4 minutes. Besides that, I also had to remove the music and video clips because I don’t have the permit. If you don’t understand this, I’ll upload the original English version of the documentary on Youtube.

My excuses
Why I don’t win any of the awards? I can say that the whole process in the paragraph above only takes 2 days before the submission day. Its a very last minute. The script is very clumsy I guess. Besides that, the equipments are not up to their standard. I only produce the video with my Sony Handycam but others with their own production house have better equipments with HD Camera, lightings and microphone. I don’t have that because I’m amateur. This is a big event but still can be rewarding.

About the whole event in Angkasapuri

  • I hate when the girl dancers wear that stupid looking wigs. I don’t understand the opening dance performance.
  • Its the first time in Malaysia to have their own digital robot host. Its a good experiment I guess.
  • Too many performances from local artist! I almost forgot that I was in the AFP and not in AJL.
  • I enjoyed Adam & Farah – Tak Tahu Antara Dua and Pretty Ugly’s Diari Seorang Lelaki. This performance is better than in AJL last week.
  • I met some UIA students and we have our refreshments together after the event
  • Congratz to all the winners! You have inspired thousands of people out there to produce better short films.
  • I bet in the future, its gonna be better in term of quality and seriously, its a prestigious highly competitive event of the year!

2 thoughts on “Anugerah Filem Pendek 06”

  1. fullamak!!! thumbs up for you!!
    don’t worry, next year buat yg lagi bagusnyer short film, ok??!gambatte kudasai!!!

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