At Omar & Sarah Wedding, Pasir Gudang


Salam. On 1st August 2009, I’ve went to Pasir Gudang, Johor for Omar and Sarah wedding ceremony with my friends, Syed and Faizal.

So, first of all, I’d like to congratulate Omar and Sarah for their wedding. I’ve met him during my practical training in Penang last year. He used to work in Intel Penang and now he’s working in Intel Kulim. On the other hand, Sarah is a doctor in Teluk Intan hospital. I’ve seen few newly weds who live separately because of their work commitment.

However, in today’s border-less world, distance is not an issue. Kulim to Teluk Intan is not that far. One of my friend in Penang, had married to an engineer who works in Labuan. Can you imagine how challenging is that? That’s the advantage of internet, highways and cheap airline tickets isn’t it?

Actually, it was my first time driving all the way to the south, from Bangi to Pasir Gudang. Its tiring and it took me about three hours to reach Johor Bahru.

Well, that’s all for this quick post. I hope that he can lead a good Muslim family, InsyaAllah.

P/S – Waheeda & Akhil also got married last Sunday.

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