Adlan Khalidi

Pemilik Dezeek Media dan penulis tetap blog sendiri. Seorang yang berjiwa minimalis dan suka segala yang kreatif. Daie sepenuh masa. Sukakan segalanya tentang Wordpress.


I went to Ipoh to fetch my grandfather. My mum wanted this Raya, we held our reunion at my uncle’s house, Bentong, Pahang. But, I obtained some bucks from my mum’s society. its Koperasi Kerajaan Perak, sort of like that. Its just some rewards for my SPM result last year. However, I didn’t get anything …

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I had haircut yesterday. It just trimming the both sides and shortening some of the top. And now, I feel that my head is lighter than before. My hair type is thick and wavvy. But, I love my look when my hair is short. After having a haircut, I went to fetch my sister from …

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