Adlan Khalidi

Pemilik Dezeek Media dan penulis tetap blog sendiri. Seorang yang berjiwa minimalis dan suka segala yang kreatif. Daie sepenuh masa. Sukakan segalanya tentang Wordpress.


I had haircut yesterday. It just trimming the both sides and shortening some of the top. And now, I feel that my head is lighter than before. My hair type is thick and wavvy. But, I love my look when my hair is short. After having a haircut, I went to fetch my sister from …

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Nuzul Quran

Well, today is nothing special that happen. Because not all of us will feel the difference whether this special day arrive or not. Nuzul Quran is the first revelation of al-Quran to prophet Muhammad p.b.u.h. Exactly, its the celebration of Nuzul Quran and for this special day of Ramadhan, I’ve planned something special.It’s not that …

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