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Nuzul Quran

Well, today is nothing special that happen. Because not all of us will feel the difference whether this special day arrive or not. Nuzul Quran is the first revelation of al-Quran to prophet Muhammad p.b.u.h.

Exactly, its the celebration of Nuzul Quran and for this special day of Ramadhan, I’ve planned something special.It’s not that special or grand. Just I’ve planned to join the iftar / break fast at my nearby mosque. But before the time, my father went half an hour earlier to listen to a speech. One thing that attract me much about the content of the speech is that, young children today can recite al-quran because they learn to read it. But they do not know the letters. Did you get it? OK, for instance, in the starting of al-Baqarah (verse 2:1) should be read by the letters. Alif, Lam. Mim. But since the childrens only know how to pronounce them, they will recite it as ‘Aa.La.Ma..’. Did you understand it? They don’t know the letters but the know how to pronounce the words. Quite confusing?

After that, we broke fast and perform maghrib prayer, we have some dinner. It is not very luxury but for malay dishes, I think it is quite delicius. We had some fish curry, spicy shrimps and ‘kerabu’. I don’t know what is the term in english. But malays will know what is ‘kerabu’.

After had some meal, I went back to my home during the interval to wait Isya’ prayer. After congregated Isya’ prayer, there was another preach. But the content of it was almost the same as the first one but by different person. That’s why I was


After that, as usual, we perform tarawih prayer and witir. By this time, it is almost half of the fasting month and another half to go.

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Iftar at KLCC

me and pikot

It was Tuesday, and I went to KLCC for break fast with one of my best friend. Well, we have a very good time together. Let me introduce ya’ll about her.

She is Pikot, it’s her nick name. I’ve know her since we’re in SMAKL and we moved to the same technical school. And fortunately, we’re in the same class for two years. This period of time had give me some sort of chance to know and understand her better. And finally we’ve become a good friend. Once, she told me that she had a crush on me, but I prefer to become her friend instead of becoming her boyfriend.

She also in the same course in her college. She is taking Architecture at UiTM, Perak and I’m taking the same subject at Matric IIUM at PJ. Well, we’re spending our good time together. Actually, she had been waiting for me for 2 hours. How can the same day is one of the busiest day in my life?

One the same day, I woke up at 2pm. I need to send my sister to get her application form to technical school. I think she’ll be in my former school. That’s why Pikot had to wait for me about 2 hours. But its okay to her since she hadn’t hang out at KLCC since she entered her college.

She dominate our conversation. Yes, she kinda talkative and I like it. That’s why I’m a good listener but sometimes.. I don’t get what people around me are saying.. But I just nodded my head to show that I understand them.. Hehehe..

We sat at an eatery just half an hour before break fast. She let me see her photo album and I got to see how she live in her college lately. Well, I can conclude that we are in the different college yet our syllabus is almost the same. Just 20 minutes before break fast, we changed to another eatery because the previous one didn’t offer much choice. Then we moved to another eatery, order our food.

It’s break fast or dawn already and it just the¬† two of us. She was expecting one of our friends to arrive but unfortunately, he can’t make it on time. He arrived half an hour after that.

After that, we perform prayers at surau and soon after that we headed back to our


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MIFTAH at National Mosque

National Mosque
National Mosque

Usually, people used to enjoy their time with friends on weekend. Well, its Ramadhan, the noble fasting month, I had to enjoy myself with my peeps also, but in a totally different way, instead of normal hedonistic lifestyle, I entertain myself with some Islamic acts of devotion. I was asked by my friend, the one who also involved in the ‘illegal reunion’, and he is in-law of the president of PKPIM. It stands for Persatuan Kebajikan Pelajar Islam Malaysia, well in english it would be Muslim Students Welfare Society of Malaysia. MIFTAH stands for Majlis Iftar Mahabbah.

Actually, its just a program held by the Ministry of Health in conjunction with Angkatan Belia Malaysia and PKPIM. I think its motive is to enjoin all young smokers to quit smoking. I love the poster which tells that ‘You haven’t been smoking for almost a day, why don’t you quit?’ I guess it is quite interesting. but its not affecting me much since I am no smoker. Instead of anti-smoking campaign by the government, the program also included Islamic lifestyle. Well, I went for and interesting talk by a speaker from Matriculation Centre of International Islamic University, if I not mistaken, he is Ustaz Che Majid. I heard his speech twice this time. I can give him 4 out of 5 if its for his rating of his speech. Quite enjoyable but that night I was a lil bit sleepy.

After the interesting speech, I was put in a group and then we did Tadarus. Its just reciting the holy Quran one by one in the group. After some discussion, we have some refreshments with some kurma@tamar(dates) and soy bean drink. But after the tadarus, I still feel the hunger. I asked my friend if he would like to go to dine at any eaterie. Well, we go to a restaurant but I don’t know the exact location of it. But my friend inform me that it just around the Istana (Castle). It was dark at night. And we return back to National Mosque by 2a.m.

But I think it was hard to sleep. However I managed to sleep because in order to Qiamulail, I have to sleep at least for a second, it just the basic requirement. In qiamulail, i just perform prayers like tahajud, taubat, hajat and witir.Its not much time for tasbih because we have to sahur or eat before the dawn.

After sahur and subuh prayer, I listen to another talk by the imam and soon after that, I return back to my home sweet home.

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Illegal reunion

heh. today i went back to my former school. just to reunite again with my old peeps.. well, exactly, its is illegal. xstudents are intruders if they’re in the school at night. then, when the time comes, we break fast with some food. its not very good to my stomach, i still felt the hunger.

after that, i performed some prayers. i thought we would go to hunt for some food after that, but my friends just like to get to know with the junior heiress of my society. after all the pain i caught in my stomach, at 1130pm, we left the school and started to get some food. well, we arrived at an eaterie..

we ate like hell and then just disperse..

i return back to home because i had a date that nite.. its just meet with my girl online.. i miss her..

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