Band Competition

I went to Brass Band Competition at Dataran Merdeka on 9th April, yeah. I did stated in my previous blog. So, what can I say? I arrived there and I only can see a massive crowd. Boys and girls, and I do believe that this can be the place for reunion for some ex-students which their former schools’ bands are performing.

To make it simple, we can see a lot of ex-VI, St. Johns, CBNs and others. Besides, there were also contest for Kawad Berirama KRS, hmm.. like this eh. The KRS will march and do their formation and accompanied by music by their own selection. Its kinda new to me because I also in KRS in my ex-school, its cool to march with the music, it looks like they are having fun with dancing.

I do have some video recording. I’ve edited it a bit and if you want some, you can have it for RM5.

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