I forgot that my studio is having barbeque at KAED and just after I finish my dinner, I walked slowly to KAED so that my stomach can digest some of the meal. My architecture’s friends also having BBQ at the same time.

As I arrived there, they seems having so much fun, together lecturers and students at motorcycle parking bay behind the workshop, grill and roasting chicken, potatoes, enjoying foods and drinks, spending quality time together as 1 family.. its just the unforgettable memories this semester.

After the BBQ ended, I went to architectures’ BBQ because I’m thinking about my friends. I enjoyed being the cameraman for them. They also were having fun like I did. Its so sad when thinking that after this, we are going to be seniors and live life as 2nd year students coz its gonna be tougher than before.

That’s whats life is all about. But no matter how much we trying to live our live to the fullest, always remember that there is afterlife that we need to live it the fullest as well..

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