Bird watching enclosure

My project - Fotopages.comYeah.. finally, the moment of truth. Where all the best design will be exhibit at the matric UIA field… naah… its just another submission and presentation day, like previous 3 project.

I brought all the pieces of corrugated board, the kind of board that was used in packaging stuff, a.k.a known as the box. Ha.. its kinda a lot of them, I need 2 round of back and forth to my college to get em down and make em wild!! Haha.. nope.. Just kidding. It took 5-10 minutes to assemble our enclosure. Its ours because I did it with my good friend, A. Daniel.

I can say that our presentation is doing well eventhough when I compare with other students design, they also did a great job! Especially the seniors or 2nd year students, they were very good at design and colouring their products. So, if you guys wanna check their design as well as mine, dun forget to check my fotopages

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