Blogging Revolution

Its all started when human was created by God and there’s a need to record important details such as in politic, social, economic and religious events. The medium has changed from cave art to the invention of writing medium by the Egyptian’s papyrus. Sooner, when education has become one of the important aspect in human life, writing has become essential.

The development of information and computer technology in late 20th century has its own impact to the world wide web. I was exposed to the World Wide Web(WWW) since I was 11 years old and designing website has captured my heart. But, website has its own disadvantages where even the prominent company at that time has problems with keeping their websites up-to-date and interactive.

As early as year 2001, I was exposed to blog where I found the content of a web is very easy to be updated without wasting much time and hassle-free, thanks to the RSS and XML that have contributed to this solution. Blog is a digital version of diary or journal where it is free for everyone. My first and my favourite blog provider is ‘Blogger’ but there’s also other sites that offer the same service.

In a newspaper (In Tech, The Star), they predict that 2005 gonna be the year where there will be more bloggers than before. Thanks to the streaming and broadband technology where, people can have faster connection to the web and instead of having text in blog, there comes pictures and photos.

After text log, officially known as blog, then there come ‘photo log’ where people publish their snapshots and some informative text with the rest of the world. is one of a kind and approximately there are more than 10 thousands registered user comes from Malaysia.

Besides, the invention of Ipod from Apple has given an impact to audio log, also known as ‘podcast’ in 2005. It has been said that with blog, one will become a good journalist and with podcast, one can become a radio presenter (at least). But, I’m not into podcasting because I’m not a very good talker and I don’t like to download things to my computer.

And now. at least for this moment, in 2006, after there are text, picture and audio log, here comes video log, better known as ‘vlog’. In vlog, user will publish their own digital video to the web. I think at this time, offers the service of publishing personal video and also RSS where its similar to vlog, right?

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