Blood donation

Its the fourth time I donated my blood. I went to National Blood Centre at Titiwangsa with Fikri.But, something weird happened today.

I acknowledged that my blood flows out of my vine very slow. Even the nurse had injected my arm twice. She said that the first one had been ‘collapsed’. (I dunno what is it). Then, come another nurse, injected my arm without any bius. Argh!! The pain is inevitable but I just tried my best to resist them.

After that, we went to the canteen and we ate nasi lemak, keria and nescafe. At home, I realized that there was something unusual at my arm. I found that, the first ‘collapsed’ injection was the nurse’s fault because she was careless. I guess, the tip of the needle was not situated directly in the vine..

P/s – Hope no more trouble happened later..

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