Boring.. that’s the word that I can describe for my short mid-term break. I ain’t going to enjoy myself like my friends did at Terengganu. But, sadly to say, in today’s newspaper, Utusan, I read about an acciddent involving UIA studets and one girl was killed. Others were injured.. This was the headline..

Pelajar UIA maut, tiga rakan parah dalam kemalangan
PORT DICKSON 6 Sept. – Kegembiraan sekumpulan pelajar Universiti Islam Antarabangsa (UIA) yang sedang bercuti di bandar ini berakhir dengan tragedi apabila salah seorang daripada mereka maut manakala tiga lagi cedera parah dalam kemalangan di Kilometer 24.2 Lebuh Raya Seremban Port Dickson di sini petang ini.

Usually I don’t wanna blog about this thing but.. that’s what happen to me right now. In this evening, I will fetch my friend at Puduraya and I will go back to UIA.
As what I planned before, I managed to finish my Graphic Communication mid-term project. Just a little touch up before I submit them tonight.

Anyway, more assignments to be finished by this weekend. One more, how should I satisfied with my light fitting design?

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