Breakdance Competition a.k.a battle

Before I watch the movie, Star Wars 3 at Berjaya Times Square, there was a breakdance battle. If I’m not mistaken the event was ‘Malaysia Breakdance Competition 2005’ with the theme ‘Celebrating Breakdance Culture’. The winning group will be representing Malaysia at Southeast Asian Breakdance Competition at Bangkok, Thailand.

The event started at 1.45pm and my movie started at 2.45pm. So, I only managed to watch the battle for a while. And even after the movie ended at 5.20pm, the battle is still on but I don’t have much time for it. So I just go back home.

From the beginning, eventhough I’m one of the thousand visitors, I dun satisfied with the sound systems and I dun understand why the DJ don’t loop the music for the battle. DJ is a person who will make the music feel energetic and non-stop by mixing and scratching the deck.. So poor..

p/s – Breakdance is one of hip hop elementz..

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