Bukit Tinggi

Bukit Tinggi.. this place, if you watch it on television, you might think that the place was situated not in Malaysia. Why? because the resort have applied the French theme. The resort is Colmar.. (I wonder what does it mean?)

But, first, I went to the Botanical Garden and Japanese Garden. Well, the garden is nice and it reflect what I have learn on my previous project, designing a landscape. Those elements and so on..

The next tourist spot is the Rabbit Farm. Rabbits can be found here scattered around, you can grab em, feed em but don’t hurt em. Huhu..

Eventhough the Bukit (hill) was Tinggi (high), I still at Malaysia, a tropical country. So, its not very chill up there. I still can feel the heat and sweat..

P/s- Its fun to have a holiday with my beloved family… money is not a matter at all… huhuh

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