Car accident

I was involved in a small accident where my Proton Waja was kissed by a Proton Saga at the back at Jalan Taman Setiawangsa junction. Obviously its not my fault because in traffic law, whoever hits from back, its his fault.

It was my third accident actually. The first time when I was a kid, I got hit by a car when I’m riding my bicycle. The second one is when I’m learning to drive and I hit a Kancil door. This is the third time and I’m glad its not my fault.

So, I just wanna share with you guys how to handle with road accidents. Of course in the driving school they told us that we have to report the accident to the nearest police station within 24 hours. Its a bit tricky of the location of your accident. As far as I concern, if its happen within Ulu Kelang, Keramat area, the report should be made at Taman Melawati police station. If its in Kuala Lumpur area, then you have to go to Jalan Tun H.S Lee near the Petaling Street. In my case, I was just entering the KL boundaries from Keramat. Then, I have to make a long journey to the busy heart of KL. So the statement to report at any police station is so untrue. I wonder if they can standardize the function of every police station to cater this kinda problems.Cool postcode right? This is what my father has reported.

Pada 23/06/2007 jam lebih kurang 1850 HRS saya memandu M/KAR No MS 6686 dati Taman Keramat Permai menghala Wangsa Maju melalui Jalan Taman Setiawangsa. Apabila sampai di persimpangan Jalan Setiawangsa, saya berhenti untuk memberi laluan kepada kenderaan lain. Tiba tiba sebuah M/KAR No WJK XXXX dari belakang telah melanggar belakang M/KAR saya. Kerosakan M/KAR saya bahagian belakang bumper, bonet dan lain lain kerosakan yang belum dipastikan lagi.

So the important thing you should do before going to lodge the report is to check what’s the time. Besides that, take note of the particular of the other driver such as name, I/C and contact number. Make sure to bring along a copy of your I/C for that purpose.

When I’m about to take the copy of the report, I thought it was free. The police will charge us for that copy which is RM4. After 2 weeks, you can obtain the diagram and picture of our car which is RM4 each and the whole total will be RM12. OK. Its not too much because that will be needed to be submitted to the insurance company.
This parking lot also have few cars that involved in accidents. Its kinda motivation for me to drive safely after this. Hey, its not my fault anyway! I’m a skillful driver, plus careful. I wonder how if the driver stuck in the hospital after an accident.. who’ll do the report? Is it the passenger? How if there’s no passenger?

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  1. imagine:

    trafik bergerak macam biase. tak laju sangat. sampai kat flyover. tibe2 lorry di depan berhenti dan bergerak ke belakang a.k.a mengundur. what will you do if you are at the back of the lorry?

    fortunately i was at the third row behind it and the car in front of me sempat memberi ruang kepada kereta yang berada betul2 di belakang lorry tu utk berundur dan mengelak drpd dilanggar.

    it happended this afternoon.

  2. talking about observing our distance, i really do when driving.. argh! cant imagine if i hit BMW. who’ll pay? mampus aku! na’uzubillah~

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