Cars, chicks & drift

I’ve watched Fast and Furious: Tokyo Drift. Again, I’d like to promote this cinema. MBO at Galaxy Cineplex, Ampang. For reservation, call 03-42702147. Its a new cinema with less crowd.

I watched it with my sister and I departed at 5.30pm to watch 6pm screening. That’s mean, no traffic and no crowd that make it possible for me to watch it on last minute plan. I ain’t gonna tell you about the synopsis of the story. But here’s my critiques.

The scenes was too fast. I’m hardly can tell the car models and appreciating the cinematography techniques. It was too fast. I also couldn’t take a blink and there goes the sexy girls. Actions? It seems that only American who are civilized and the good ones because he play it clean. I can say that the downhill race was a bit similar to Initial D where the badass car fell down the cliff and almost hit the hero’s car on the other side. I wanna give this movie 4 stars!

What else? I’m thinking to watch Pixar’s animation ‘Cars’ but Superman Returns trailer was cool. Its another highly anticipated movies this summer!

2 thoughts on “Cars, chicks & drift”

  1. owh adlan… sangat rajin ko ke cinema walhal cinema tu tak popular… maybe motif nak privasi lebey sket pasal kurang crowded, is it?

    hahahah~ amacam ngan sound system kat cinema tu, bagus tak? maklum le kurang popular….

  2. this is the closest cinema to my house. and its also the closest to UIA..

    sound system? the same thing as in TGV or GSC. the screen is pretty small actually.

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