This is what I’m gonna focus here. Design in our life and how design related closely to us. Some post will critics about current design and any design that I’ve produced.

Final Project

Yeah!! The final project for Environmental Design 2 had arrived. And for this time, we had to design a ‘Pavilion for MCIIUM’. What is it actually? So, from our literature study, I can say that pavilion is some kind of building that have shelter. Hey.. all building do have function as shelter. But, it is …

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Booth Design

Yeah.. in my minor project 2, I need to design a booth. But, first of all, do you know what is the different among kiosk, booth and stall? In the early classes, I totally have a doubt about these different. But, today, I know the major differnt about it. So, after presenting for my literature …

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Packaging Design

In my core course, I had to learn Environmental Design II. In my first minor project, my assignment is about Packaging Design. Packaging Design is under Industrial Design where designers will design the package. So, I choose a product and seems I like to drive lately, I want to do something related to cars. Since, …

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