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Bird watching enclosure

My project - Fotopages.comYeah.. finally, the moment of truth. Where all the best design will be exhibit at the matric UIA field… naah… its just another submission and presentation day, like previous 3 project.

I brought all the pieces of corrugated board, the kind of board that was used in packaging stuff, a.k.a known as the box. Ha.. its kinda a lot of them, I need 2 round of back and forth to my college to get em down and make em wild!! Haha.. nope.. Just kidding. It took 5-10 minutes to assemble our enclosure. Its ours because I did it with my good friend, A. Daniel.

I can say that our presentation is doing well eventhough when I compare with other students design, they also did a great job! Especially the seniors or 2nd year students, they were very good at design and colouring their products. So, if you guys wanna check their design as well as mine, dun forget to check my fotopages

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Booth Design

Yeah.. in my minor project 2, I need to design a booth. But, first of all, do you know what is the different among kiosk, booth and stall? In the early classes, I totally have a doubt about these different. But, today, I know the major differnt about it.

So, after presenting for my literature study, I had to design and from 6 options; keysmith, handphone, engravers, printing, cobbler and and watch repair, I chose the keysmith@locksmith for my booth.

Well, I dunno how the final design will be. Just from time to time, go and check my fotopage.

Adlan’s Fotopage

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Packaging Design

In my core course, I had to learn Environmental Design II. In my first minor project, my assignment is about Packaging Design.

Packaging Design is under Industrial Design where designers will design the package. So, I choose a product and seems I like to drive lately, I want to do something related to cars. Since, real cars will not be fitted into a box, I only can think to do a box for a toy car.

My friends choose Gundam Toy, watch and Quran for their products. While girls seems to like girlie stuff like perfume, chocolate and short candles.

It took me one week to design and to build the car toy box. On the submission day, I submitted and my friend told me that my presentation is doing well.

So, if you wanna see how I built the box, and also some of my friends design, come on check my photo album..

Adlan’s Foto Album

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