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Seminar Online Marketing Laku Keras di Ipoh

Buat julung kalinya Dezeek menganjurkan seminar open to all.

Diskusi ilmiah ONLINE MARKETING oleh AdlanKhalidi & MuazFaris.

Kenali Founder Dezeek Media dengan lebih dekat.
Moh le kiter!

Nak tahu RAHSIA cara mudah untuk menguasai:

  • Blog & e-commerce website
  • Content marketing
  • Email marketing
  • Google Ads
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • WhatsApp

Save the Date!
12 MAC 2016
8.30am – 1.30pm

Hanya RM35 seorang untuk pendaftaran SEBELUM 1 Mac 2016!

Daftar segera! Kuota terhad untuk 50 orang sahaja.

Hubungi 010-316 3730 untuk daftar sekarang!

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Pengalaman guest lecture di Politeknik Ungku Omar

Assalam kepada para pembaca.

Pada bulan September yang lepas, aku telah dijemput untuk memberi syarahan (lecture) mengenai tajuk E-commerce kepada para pelajar Diploma Lanjutan Keusahawanan di Jabatan Perdagangan, Politeknik Ungku Omar (PUO), Ipoh, Perak.

Ini merupakan kali pertama aku menjadi guest lecturer. Sebelum ni aku dah berpengalaman mengajar dalam kursus pendaftaran domain website / blog serta bengkel asas pembinaan website HTML.
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My Iftar and Tarawih experience at Newcastle Mosque

Salam. Its nearly two thirds of Ramadhan. In this entry I’ll share about my experience of having Iftar and performing Tarawih prayers at the Newcastle Mosque.

Daily Iftar (Monday to Saturday)

The daily iftar is usually held at the rear of the mosque. A temporary tent is constructed using scaffolding with some Arabic style decor. This is how the tent looks like. Despite the way it looks, it still can withstand the rain and strong winds here.

Only male Muslims will come for the daily iftar here.

Inside the tent, about 5 minutes before Maghrib, people will gather and sit around the foods. For the breaking of fast, there will be dates with sour cream, samosa, spicey soup, juice and milk served for everyone.

Then, we will perform our congregational Maghrib prayer before having the main course. For the main course, usually they will serve briyani rice with curry – chicken, lamb or beef. There was one time when they served lamb with lots of chips instead of rice.

Weekly Community Iftar

The weekly community iftar is held every Sunday and it is a potluck iftar where the locals are encouraged to bring food and share with the rest. It is also known as family iftar where all Muslim, brothers and sisters including children will come for iftar.

To cater a larger number of attendees, the iftar takes place at the hall next to the mosque and is separated for male and female. All sisters will pray in the hall while the brothers will pray in the mosque.

The cool thing about this Iftar is the number and variety of food. It surely reminds me of the Ramadhan buffet in hotels back in Malaysia. But the foods are limited, so each week I try to have all the foods and delicacies.

Tarawih prayers

Eventhough maghrib starts at about 5.20pm, the Isya and tarawih prayer will start a little bit later. Isya’ prayer starts at 7.30pm followed by Tarawih.

After 4 rakaat of Tarawih, there will be a short break where they made announcement, tazkirah and refreshment. Some volunteer will help distribute drinks or snacks while waiting for the daily quiz.

Ramadhan Quiz
The quiz is about Quran and general knowledge in Islam. Everyone can participate by submitting the entry form with the correct answer in a glass jar provided. Winners will be selected by random pick from the jar. Among the prizes are a $20 Coles Gift Card. That’s cool isn’t it?

After the break, the tarawih resumes. Basically, the Imam will read a whole page in Quran per rakaat during the first eight rakaat. In the remaining eight, the Imam will read short verses from Juz Amma. The prayer ends at about 9.10pm.

There’s no moreh after that but there are always some foods or snacks left outside the prayer hall for people to have a bite after the prayers.

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Vivid Sydney – Spectacular and Creative Lights Performance

This is the last destination of our first Sydney trip. We came back to Circular Quay to watch the Vivid Sydney show. It is when Circular Quay comes to live and is happening at night.

What is Vivid Sydney?

The Vivid Sydney is a festival of light, music and ideas and it colours the city with breathtaking immersive light projection on iconic Sydney Opera House sails, Customs House, and free outdoor exhibition of interactive light sculptures.

The light projections start at 6pm to 12pm. We arrived there at about 7pm and could see many people hanging out with their friends and family. It was the last night of the event and I’m glad we finally made it here to witness it with our own eyes. Thanks to the Queen’s Birthday public holiday.

Opera House sails

These are snapshots of the light projection on Sydney Opera House sails. It’s not easy to take a picture at night using a compact camera.

This is the time lapse video of the light performance.

Customs House facade

Here are snapshots of the light projection on the Customs House facade. I’ve watched it on Youtube last year. This time, I’m watching it live!

This is the full length video of the light show.

Other illuminating arts installation and sculptures

These photos were taken from Vivid Sydney Mashup website.

We should have seen all of the light installations on site. But I didn’t want to arrive home after midnight. That’s why we left quite early at about 8.30pm from Circular Quay. The bus departed at 9pm and we arrived in Newcastle at 11.40pm after one of our memorable outing this year.

The lesson from this trip is we should invest in a tripod. If you notice from our photos that we don’t have any pictures together as a couple.

If you are coming to Sydney next year, you can visit Vivid Sydney official website for details if you want to catch the lights.

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Pictures at Karnival Inovasi Islam 2010 in Putrajaya

Salam. Yesterday, I went to Karnival Inovasi Islam 2010 in Masjid Sultan Mizan Zainal Abidin in Putrajaya. Here are some of the pictures I’ve taken.

From the Kiblat Walk

This is the starting point of the exhibition booth in Kiblat Walk. Kiblat Walk is a bridge between Kompleks Perbadanan Putrajaya and the mosque.

All participating university exhibits their products on the left side while government bodies are on the right. IIUM booth is the first one!

Government bodies booths are on the right side of Kiblat walk.

Then I came across Kementerian Dalam Negeri booth and I was curious to ask about the non-certified Quran. Apparently after I visit the booth, more people are also interested to check the display.
Among them are Quran with wrong page order, Quran printed on a calendar paper and many more.

These are some apparel that have Allah name as part of the pattern.

This is Almuneer Quran Device. I’ve seen the printed version of this product in IIUM last year. According to the officer, locally it is distributed by Darulfikir. It cost more than RM3400++ [source]

At the Sahn in the mosque

Approaching the mosque, this is the view from the audience canopy. The main stage and the audience is separated by the crystal clear pond.

Moving on, there are exhibitions from private sectors including Tabung Haji, TM Unifi, Islamic banking and finance, NGO and many more.

Anyway, I’m sorry for the low quality of the pictures. I forgot to bring my digital camera. However I regretted that there are some female exhibitors that don’t cover their aurat in the mosque area. I hope the organizer can observe into this matter for the next carnival.

Well, if you have free time this weekend, don’t forget to bring your friend and family to this event. Thanks for watching!

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