Cheating Death?

Final Destination movies

Why I like these movies? Why I watch all these movies? Its about a bunch of people who manage to cheat their death at the first place and then the ‘death angel’ will return to them to take their live for the second time, tragically.

Besides, what’s unique about these movies is that, it shows how death can happen from our daily routine life. From going on a flight, road accident and roller coaster ride. I also kinda afraid when seeing a lorry carrying logs and taking LRT in subway.

But as a Muslim, we shouldn’t believe in these kinda belief as God has determine our own death. Sooner or later it will come to us. Just make sure we are ready and we performed our obligatory as well doing our responsibilities as vicegerent on earth.

One moral value that I can conclude here is that we should obey all the rules and don’t litter as it causes trouble to others. Got what I mean? Watch these movies and see how they die because of their silly mistakes.

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