City Cow

What do you think if you happen to see some cows or goats in a middle of a city? Well, that’s happen here in Penang. Earlier today, I’ve seen a lost cow in Sungai Ara. The cow was wandering around, looking for grass to eat. The cows is risking its life and other road users. That’s quite dangerous.

I went to Sg. Ara because I want to get my MyKad from Jabatan Pendaftaran Negara, Bayan Baru branch. Its been already a month since my wallet lost.
Another strange scenery can be witness at Lebuhraya Sg. Nibong heading to the Bulatan Tun Dr. Awang. If you look on your left, near the Texchem Engineering Plastic factory, you can see a herd of cows and goats. I believe that they belong to one of the residents in Kg. Jawa.

P/S – Can you imagine a cow in Jalan Tun Razak KL?

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    1. lembu takde kt KL tu. sekadar perumpamaan la utk ckp betapa peliknya pulau pinang ni.. lembu lari dari kandang la kot. xkn ada rumah plak.!

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