Conclusion Akademi Fantasia

From the Prelude Concert, I can see that this time AF3 won’t be as good as AF2. And after that MAWI phenomenon, I personally don’t like him. Why? you can check this website on why I hate Mawi. But I can’t help myself to hate his voters because some of them comes from my fellow friends. His voters are so fanatic and lunatic, too obsessed with him. I’d rather seeing Felix or Amylea become the winner.

Then, in this final concert, Felix and Marsha did forget their lyrics. And all the new song that they sang that night is not very catchy for me. For instance, I prefer Zahid – Milikku and Adam – Haruskah song last year. I just hear at their song one time and I fell in love with them. However it is, I sure I’ll try to play their song eventhough I dun like it.

P/S – voted for Ekin only

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