Convest 2005

Its IIUM 21st Convocation this year. I didn’t watch all those graduates with their flowers but I’m thinking, how much flower will I get soon? Haha.. only if I can get lots of friends and lovers in this short four years time.

What can I say during the Convest 2005? First, you can have your meal at any cafe in IIUM but when its dinner time, the only place inside the campus is at the Convest, situated opposite AIKOL building and close to Male Sport Complex. Luckily I drive Kancil around the campus this week, so its not a big deal for me to get my dinner there since of course, walking from KAED to Convest area is kinda tiring.

Besides that, there are also cultural events. All the nations from Bosnia, Somalia, Iraq until China opened their cultural booth. Whoa.. Bosnia ladies is kinda hot and so do some Thais. (Wan Aishah, the Mahsuri descendent is also Thais right?) My friends and I managed to get our name written in Chinese caligraphy for free at their stall. Hmm, I guess its the first time for me to be in a very tight place with lots of foreigners.

P/S- don’t take much picture over there.. hope to see the same thing next time

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