Corporate Video Project

It was my first project for the design studio. Its a group project and again, I’m in the same group with Syafi’e (since Tampok Manggis multidip) together with Asyraf Muna, Wan Thuwaibah and Haslinda.

Apparently, I couldn’t focus for that project because I have other projects, as well as committed with university programs; KAED Fest, Pantun Fest, Convest as well some AKHI Projects’ programs. After I’ve checked my schedule, it seems that I don’t have any Sunday weekend until the month of Ramadhan.

Let’s get back to the topic. Actually, we are competing for my beloved faculty, Kulliyah of Architecture & Environmental Design (KAED) corporate video competition. After doing some case study from Malaysia Airlines and other corporate videos, we made our own shooting. Unfortunately my handycam was malfunction. It cannot playback nor do any recording. So, I need to borrow the camera from my friend which borrowed the equipment from the technician’s office. Its quite sophisticated I guess.

For the task division, I asked the girls to prepare the print out stuff and workbook while me n Pie will do the video. I’ve asked Safwan for the narration but it doesn’t go well. He has a good voice but he need to improve more on the pronunciation.

On the presentation day, I’m impressed with what my friends have produced. My lecturer said there will be a public screening to select the winner. I hope if I don’t win, at least I’ve got in the top three.

Anyway, mission accomplished. Special thanks to all my group members for your good job. I’m wishing you luck on the next studio projects.

P/S – I’ll upload the video to Youtube later.

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