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Screenshot of the CENSERVE Team Website

As I mentioned earlier in the Convest ’06 post, I am the webmaster and representing UIA for Maxis Cyberlinq Website Competition. For the whole one week, I was very busy preparing the CENSERVE Team website for this competition. Please check out this website and give your comment here. Oopps, sorry, I forgot to put the tagbox or guest book there!

What’s its all about?
Maxis wanted the participant to propose program or event and submit it on the first phase. After the proposal has been reviewed by Maxis, they will select the qualifying team and give RM1000 to execute the proposed program.

How can you become one of the webmasters?
Its all started when I’ve joined AKHI Project. I started to show off my multimedia skills during the ‘Workshop’ program. From there, I was selected to become the Multimedia Committee for Humanitarian Week. Then, the program manager, Bro. Roslan selected me to become one of the webmaster. Roslan is the head of Censerve Team and also the head of the website team.

What are the proposed program or events?
Since Censerve Team was familiar with community service projects to school childrens, teenagers and aborigines, in this website, we have proposed the ‘Mentoring Programme’ and ‘English Theater Camp’. RM1000 is not enough for both events, and its okay because we also got our financial support from S-DEV UIA.

How about the prizes?
The first prize is RM 5000 and I hope this website can win. So, let’s pray…
By the way, 2nd prize is RM3000 and 3rd prize is RM1000.

What are the challenges to build this website?
Since I’m good in designing website, the graphical part is not a big thing but the main thing they want to see is the content. So, I have explored the web 2.0 style for this purpose. The difficult part is to compose all the information, from from converting the existing hardcopies and working back and forth from house to UIA. I need to design it with a fast PC with broadband connection, and that’s why I have to return home. If only Wifi service is excellent in UIA..

How about your team members?
Besides that, some of my team members are having their final examination in the last two weeks before submission. I’m having serious trouble to see with them to get this work done. But, I’m grateful and personally I wanted to thank Bro. Danial and Bro. Zainuddin, for letting us using their PC in the office; Sis. Rafizaliana, Sis. Hafizan, Bro. Aswady and Bro. Lukman for preparing the last minute works for me. Bro. Ismail, thanks for brainwashing me.

What’s wrong with you?
Seriously, I’m NOT SERIOUS. I just happen to do it my way. I’m gonna get the work done the best I could, and without any pressure. That’s why I used to laugh and play around while I was with them. But, when I’m working on it, I’m SERIOUS. Trust me. I even neglected my friends who are also online in YM. Yeah.. I’m gonna thanks to Miss Ashikin for accompanying my sleepless night after I’m tired with the website.

7 thoughts on “Cyberlinq Competition”

  1. to be honest, the design of the page suck (no offense)… i’ve seen past year competition.. all of the participant sucked.. i dunno why maxis are offering a large amount of cash for this kind of low-quality competition.. and there was a little kid (umor macam 19, now in mmu) who entered and was so proud he won his participated category.. but you know what, when he posted at a forum (a very good,pro forum), it got condemn all the way, basically cuz its ugly and not compatible at all for other browser except IE…

    why does i hate the design..
    1) not accesible..
    2) it do not validates xhtml or css..
    3) there are inline styling..
    4) you used tables
    5) the colors is hurting my eyes a lil bit..
    6)i hate website that is not handcoded, “This page was generated by tmsPUBLISHER v3.3
    Visit the website at ” this sentence bug me..
    7) your coding is not semantic .. at all..

    no offense, but it does not have any value to me as a website (but i’m sure you’ll make it, win it… since all the participants suck big time !)

    good luck and ni komen membina.. you really should check if you want to build a website.. btw, i’m anis’s BOYfriend la.. my name is not girlish at all (to me la)..

  2. yea.. thanx..

    its just website comp.. not design comp.. time constraint also another big thing..

    working as a team.. in group..

    there’s lot more than designing website bro.. human skills is what important

    and have you organize any event yet?

  3. Assalamualaikum,

    Website ko ni simple je design die. Pastu kemas, banyak isi.

    Kalo nak lawan ngan website-website lain, aku yakin ko leh dapat menang kalau bab isi kandungan kot.

    Kalau bab design..mungkin ada yang lagi canggih. Tapi aku tak kata design ko buruk atau huduh ke apa. Die simple je.

    Aku tau ko boleh buat lagi lawa. Tapi memandangkan ko kurang minat untuk wat mende ni…so design die simple n kemas je. Kalau kata hodoh tu kire melampaula. Yang huduh tu alignment die lari abis. Warna tah ape2.

    Tp yg ni kire ok. Warna pun ok. Tadak sakit2 mata

  4. accesible -> usable -> better “website” in every aspect..

    people who design website (mostly) are ‘interface’ designer..

    actually, i got your point but i dont think it mean anything.. it dont make sense… can’t you have both aspect at the same time ? YES

    usually, those who can design great website are familiar with the human skill part, usuabillity, and how to design a nice attractive interface..

    which one is better ?
    1) great design + your website vision accomplished


    2) ugly design + your website’s vision accomplished

    oragnize event ? yes…

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