Data Recovered

Alhamdulillah. Finally after more than 2 months since I’ve loss my partition, I manage to get them back. Thanks to Bro. Rizwan from Creative Vision Technology for helping me recover them. If you have any trouble with your PC, call 03-78458482.

He’s offering a very good service mostly for computer servicing and repairing at affordable prices. Guess what? For Recovering the loss partition and relocation of bad sector, he only charges me around RM200. Bear in mind that I’ve lost around 60GB and my hard disk is 120 GB. I went to Low Yat Plaza last month and for the same service, one outlet said that I’ll need RM800 to recover my data. So, which one’s better?

However, there’s some problem right now. Its not a big deal anyway. What I want the most from the loss is the memory especially my pictures. Can you imagine if you put all of your pictures, from varied occasions into one folder? And rename all of them the same name? So, that’s my problem. I need to sort them back into proper folder. Select them one by one and move them. I bet its gonna be a very tiring process.

Here’s the snapshot of the JPEG folder. There are 18,204 images with 5.72GB capacity.

Click for a bigger view

P/S – I swear I’m gonna burn all of them into DVDs

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  1. He has been our computer technician for ages that’s why he charges you very cheap. He did told me that his company also would charge RM800 and above to their client you know.

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