Deklamasi Angkasapuri 2005

I went to Angkasapuri alone, just like previously, but this time, nobody accompany me once I reach there. But, its not the main thing because I wanna relax and enjoy the show. My sister even put extreme initials for me in the invitation card, it is ‘Yang Mulia Tengku Ahmad Adlan..’ what a nonsense!? 😛

How weird when suddenly, I found myself had interest in literature or poetry? Yeah, just last week I performed syair with my friend, Farawahida and this week I went to an unique event that dedicated for poetry and so on.

I admit that the main auditorium in IIUM is slightly bigger and can accomodate bigger number of audience instead of RTM’s auditorium. Even, I have to sit very uncomfortably, maybe because of my leg is too long. Next time, I should sit next to the gap so that I can stretch my leg.

About the free meal or officially known as refreshments, I think its the same with the last time menu. Got some mee, laksa, satay, cendol, assorted delicacies and tea.
Its just fine and I’m happy because its my second time to Angkasapuri and I get myself to sit and dine under the same tent with the VIP, prominently known as the minister, Sheikh Fadzil Kadir.

P/S- I started to love live performances than watching TV! 🙂

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  1. Hai..saya pun peminat puisi..tapi tak berkesempatan utk ke deklamasi..saya ingin sangat baca puisi yang dideklamasi oleh wan hanafi su pada masa tu..ada tak sesiapa yang boleh dihubungi utk dapatkannya..

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