No way man! Why do I feel so flirtacious tonight?

From yesterday, after I SMS my girl,D about beautiful girl in yellow dress at AGD, she suddenly don’t reply me. Does she felt jealousy? I dunno. But after the speaking test, she start asking me about the test. However, I keep SMS with her about BTQ and she seems to fed up with me. She don’t reply me and finally she apologize.

Nevertheless, in the same time, I sent SMSs to other 3 girls, S, F and B. Not to forget, I do have a strong believe that my girl have a feeling to my bestfriend. She told me to ask him instead asking her question regarding to the exam. She also mention F’s name. I guess she knew about my relationship with F.

Tonite, I asked S a lot of stuff including her interest and favourites. She do treat me good. Suddenly, when I’m working on my notes for BTQ, F sent me ans SMS. We started to SMS and she told me she missed all the moments dat we’ve been through.

P/s – S told me I look a lil bit like Kaer while my netfriend told me dat my smile looks like Radhi OAG… how can this be?

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