Differences between Blogger, Designer & Photographer blogs

Salam. Its been more than two weeks without updates on my blog. I know I shouldn’t use ‘busy’ as the excuse for not updating my blog. But, I am busy. Anyway, today, I try to share with you about one issue that have been boggling my mind. Its about the differences between bloggers, designer and photographer blogs.


I have visited few blogs by full time bloggers. The best practice of becoming a full time blogger is passion and consistent updates. Good content can brings more traffic and generate more money! Thats the golden rule.


I’ve also seen some photographers’ blog or photoblogs. I think that photographers can easily update their blog because they usually publish their pictures on the blog. They don’t write. They just shoot, edit or manipulate it and publish. That’s it!


However, it is different for me as freelance designer. I know I’m not really good in writing and I don’t really into photography. In order for me to make money, I have to work everyday and nights. Since I have my day job, I only can do my freelance job at night.

The point is, not all blogger can become a good designer. Not all designers can be a good bloggers. And photographers can be a good photobloggers.

This is just my opinion. Feel free to write your opinion in the comment box below. Thanks!

7 thoughts on “Differences between Blogger, Designer & Photographer blogs”

  1. salam adlan.
    you same like me, not expert in writing, i read book a lot but still have problem to construct sentences. but at least, u are freelance designer even u are not really good in writing.
    but for me, the important thing is our intention….why we need to have website/blog…


  2. salam faizal.
    yes, the objective and the intention of sharing knowledge & experience is important. language shouldn't be much problem. as long readers get the message. thanks

  3. Salam Adlan,
    Being a blogger and yet need to fulfill life's pace is both exhilarating and exhausting. A full time blogger got a life of their own… They work to blog and blog to work..not the same with us who had different world to attend. However, as blogger, we tried to spend sometime in both world. Me too got the problem to update my blog when I was busy with my student world 😉

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