E-Code Halal Status (ECHoeS) Card 2.0 released


It seems that a lot of people are truly concerned about the halal status of E-codes found in their everyday groceries.

After the first version of E-Code Halal card 1.0, today I officially announce the new version 2.0. From now on, I will call it ECHoeS Card, which stands for E-Code Halal Status Card.

In this latest version, I have redesigned the card from ground up, doing a bit of research from some websites and existing apps in order to make it relevant and updated.

Design Process

This is how the first concept looks like. The idea is to have three columns and the numbers put under their respective categories.

I printed a mock up and took it to the supermarket for practical test. Then I decided to change the layout to portrait so that it will fit nicely in your hand. Just like when we use our phone.

Numbering order

In the first design, I put the numbers in three main columns. However, based on my experiment, it takes more time to browse in separate three columns. So that’s why I decided to remove the columns and put the codes back in order.

Color scheme

I was inspired by the user interface in mobile, namely the Apple iPhone. Thus, I decided to give it a 3D look rather than flat colors by adding some gradient and shiny plastic button effects on the numbers.

Go to the official ECHoeS Card project page for full documentation and get the latest and updated version.

If you have any feedback regarding the card, let me know in the comment box below. Thanks.

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