Family Vacation at Gold Coast theme parks

Salam. This is the highlight of our family vacation, where we enjoyed three days in Gold Coast.

Gold Coast is popular with its beaches and theme parks. This is why thousands of tourists come here every year.

We bought VIP Passes to the Big 3 – Warner Bros Movie World, Sea World and Wet ‘n’ Wild a month earlier, only a day before the offer on their website ended. With these VIP passes that costed $109.99 each, we got unlimited entry to any of these three theme parks until June 2012.

Warner Bros Movie World

This is our first theme park at Gold Coast. There are plenty of rides, from family rides to the super thrill rides.

Besides going for rides, there are also performances by the movie characters here. One of the best performances was the Hell Drivers – Hollywood Stunt performance. It was really exciting and entertaining to witness the car drift, chase and explosion. Check out this video for a glimpse of the show.

I was surprised to see a musalla or prayer room in the middle of the theme park. Wash basins for ablution and the separation of prayer halls for male and female were provided.

Sea World Theme Park

This is another theme park in Gold Coast with the sea and ocean theme. We visited Sea World on our second day here. There are not many rides compared to the first one.

However, there was so much to see here and the main attractions were the animal performances. We really enjoyed the dolphin show and the sea lion show. They were brilliant! Besides that, we also got to see other marine life such as sharks, open water fishes and ray fishes.

Since Sea World is larger than Movie World, there are cable cars and monorails provided to save the visitors’ feet and provide great view of the entire park.

Sea World also provides prayer rooms for their Muslim visitors with separate entrances for both male and female.

Wet & Wild Water World

So this is the Gold Coast version of Malaysia’s Sunway Lagoon water theme park. I really enjoyed all the extreme water rides and slides. It is good to have adrenaline rush while challenging yourself with the zero gravity free fall and stuff.

In the end of the day, we all got really tanned because of the whole day being under the sun. Not many pictures were taken at Wet ‘n’ Wild as we kept our belongings – including the camera in one of the lockers provided. It was strongly advised by the staff to do so as the park was wet and people don’t have pockets to keep their stuff anyway as they were all wearing swim wear.

Well, that’s all the theme parks that we’ve been to. Our VIP passes are still available until June 2012. We might consider to come again to Gold Coast for another round of fun. But I know it won’t be as fun as going with the family.

After having a good night’s rest at our hotel, we had another 9-hour journey heading back home on the next day.

8 thoughts on “Family Vacation at Gold Coast theme parks”

  1. My favourite theme park is definitely Movie World! ^__^ Went there two days in a row! I had the same Summer Pass too but unfortunately due to time constraints, we went there only once. 🙁

    1. Yeah. I really enjoy Movie World as well. Seriously, two days in a row? Semangat betul. Yep, its true. Time constrain. We also don’t have time for one more ride. Huhu. Hope to make it there before the pass expires.

  2. salam..nk p sana november nh…nk tny, wet n wild tuh kalo pompuan kene pakai swimming suit gak ke? Track suit n t shirt boleh x?

    1. Salam. Terpulang kepada saudara. Pakaian mencermin peribadi kita. Taman tema tidak mengenakan peraturan berpakaian. Cuma jangan terkejut dengan wanita² tempatan yang hanya memakai bikini. Terima kasih.

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