Federal Highway

Are you familiar with this picture? It was taken from one of the CCTV views from ITIS project. Can you spot the different if you check again this picture 5 minutes later? It’s refreshed every 1 minute respectively. What I want to say about Federal Highway?

This historical account was taken from Wikipedia.com. Thanks for whoever that contributed this information.
The history of the highway started after the separation of Singapore from Malaysia, when the Malaysian government decided to make Port Swettenham (now Port Klang) as Malaysia’s new national port as a replacement of Singapore. As a result, the government planned to build a highway connecting Port Klang to Kuala Lumpur. The highway originally started from Jalan Syed Putra / Jalan Klang Lama interchange to Klang but was extended to Jalan Sungai Besi interchange and finally to Cheras Highway. The highway was originally a 4-lane limited access highway except for the Petaling Jaya stretch where it became 6-lane highway. However, in 1992 Plus Expressway Berhad, the concession holder of North-South Expressway has upgraded the entire highway to a 6-lane highway. The highway handles incredible volumes of traffic and one should expect a significant jam at more or less any time of day.

I was going to Shah Alam to visit my relatives. Its hari Raya right? So, on the way back, after I paid the RM1.10 toll in Batu Tiga Plaza Toll, the road was mine!! Hehe.. what is it? Its just that, all the way from the plaza toll, I drove my Waja through all the green lights. On the highway, there’s no traffic light but once I entered KL and all the way to my home, it was green lights shining through me.

So.. what the heck? I think, it was once in a lifetime experience. Maybe I wanna try it again some other times. It takes me around 45 minutes from Section 23 to my house. I wish I could drive faster.. if only my parents wasn’t in the car. Either I’m obeying their traffic rules or I love my family.. I think its both!

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